Modern Woodcraft’s legacy is as much a statement of its commitment to the future as it is a reflection of its founder, Gerald L. Pelletier, and fifty years of industry leadership. The company’s investment in its people sets it apart. Over the decades, Modern Woodcrafts has hired very talented people who share their expertise with the next generation of craftspeople. The result has been an unbroken succession of tradition and quality. An inspired senior management team, a culture that values success, and the founder’s insistence on maintaining a positive attitude continue to build an impressive legacy—and your project will play an integral role. Three core values, established by Pelletier, guide everything that Modern Woodcrafts does for its customers, employees, community and the world. Passionate attention to detail ensures that we are always improving our processes and product. A dedicated team envisions the finished product and genuinely cares about your satisfaction. An unwavering focus on quality in our products, in our people and in the way we prepare for the future is what drives us.
planeCarrying on a Legacy of Craftsmanship, Quality and Detail